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"Gig workers need more flexible forms of liability insurance."

"Stylists aren't the only gig workers who would favor more flexible coverage solutions--a need that became even more acute during the pandemic, as laid-off workers may have turned to gig-based jobs." 

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Fractional insurance for gig workers

Reduce platform liability

Gig workers must carry their own Commercial General Liability policy; and the companies hiring these workers should require “proof of insurance,” to protect themselves and the clients advertising the gigs on their website. 

Instant policies

Hey Alpaca offers flexible and short-term coverages  at the frequency needed (hourly, daily or by project) to gig economy platforms and marketplaces

Rapid program deployment

HeyAlpaca offers integrated insurtech products custom designed for your clients and end users, with 4-6 weeks of rapid program deployment.



What type of insurance should Gig Workers have? 

The best option for gig platforms is to get Commercial General Liability insurance that covers bodily injuries and property damages and protect the platform or marketplace if a client sues...

Is Gig platform insurance enough to protect independent contractors?

If a delivery worker is involved in an accident, who should ensure the worker for the damages caused?

 This could cause many legal and financial problems not only for the independent worker but also for the platform...


Do you have an API or are you able to integrate with our platform? 

APIs bring various benefits to companies as big process optimization, greater efficiencies, and faster innovation. Platforms use APIs to become more agile and to grow their services. They’re prepared to collaborate with partners and sign up for new customers... 

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